We’re just surprised it took this long.


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You might think Kim Kardashian was at the Playboy Mansion over the weekend because she just finished a photo shoot for the magazine (big deal!), but you’d be wrong. The real—and much more outrageous—reason Kardashian was sashaying round Hugh Hefner’s notorious pad was because she was attending a benefit for the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation. Whaaaaaa? In case you’re unaware of the irony there, Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, represented OJ Simpson in his murder trial. Got it? She’s at a benefit party thrown in memory of a woman whose murderer her father helped loose. It’s a bit like Jessica Hitler coming to a reading of Anne Frank’s diary.


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Told to Take a Number

Leonardo DiCaprio
is rumored to be in talks with Hugh Hefner about creating a biopic about Hef’s 81 years on the planet.

A source said: ???Leo and Hugh have been friends for a long time and Leo has always been interested in Hugh???s life story. Leo thinks it would make a great movie and Hugh would love Leo to do it - on condition Hugh is alive to see it.???

Sorry, Leo, but you already made the movie about the rich guy’s descent into lunacy. But instead of Ava Gardner to incessant paranoia, this one’s decline is from Malcolm X to Chris Tucker.


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Producers Now Very Unambitious About the Blonde

After having its release date changed twice, Jessica Simpson’s movie Blonde Ambition, a film inspired by the 80s hit Working Girl, has been indefinitely shelved amid worries that it would be a huge flop.

“First, the release date was set for Aug. 3, and then it was delayed until the last week of August,” says an insider. “Papa Joe then intervened and said he wasn’t comfortable with the level of competition from other films that month.”

Another source says: “Jessica was not very focused on-set and flubbed her lines often. She always had her dog around, was on the phone with [then-] boyfriend John Mayer or was sitting in a warmed-up SUV.”

The source said the film, which is still incomplete, is currently without a firm release date.

1. Stop acting.

2. Stop singing.

3. Call Mr. Hefner and demand $20 million—he’ll do it.

4. Invest wisely.

5. Tell the world to fuck off.



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Brad Pitt: He-Man or frat boy? [ICYDK]

Anna Nicole Law & Order is on tonight! They don’t waste any time. [TMZ]

• More talk of Jessica Simpson being a “tranny.” [Yeeeah]

• Once Hefner’s forgetting what year the Boobs of the Year exist in, it’s time to hang up the silk robe. [HT]

• “Play lesbian”? [CityRag]

• I suggest you don’t sign the “Free Paris” petition. [DH]

Sanjaya, on I Love New York, nobody can hear you scream. [SH]

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Hugh Hefner recently held his 7th Annual Playboy Golf Scramble Championship Finals. There was plenty of shafts and holes as promised, but I think more than a few of the contestants may have felt misled.

All of Hugh’s main squeezes made the rounds and acted as diversions to the day’s diversions, allowing themselves to be picked up for tests of strength and posing at the tee in scant outfits.

While most of the day was fun for everyone, at the beginning of the back nine one of the Playmates had to be taken off the course when the golfers complained they couldn’t concentrate with her screaming, “Is this what my life has become?” over and over. Nobody could remember her name.


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Playmate Holly Madison, 27, is pressing for Hugh Hefner, 80, to get her pregnant and make an honest woman out of her:

There???s been rumors that Hugh Hefner???s main girlfriend, Holly Madison, is urging Hugh to get her knocked up. Now there are rumors that the two will make it legal by the end of the year. Hugh is 80 and Holly is 27. Holly is one of three of Hef???s girlfriends on the reality show ???The Girls Next Door.??? It has also been highly rumored that Holly is his only real girlfriend and the other two are only for show.

A source said, ???Hef has decided he will marry Holly, and he wants it for his show, ???The Girls Next Door.??? Hef thinks business all the time, and looks for a new hook, although he also does really love Holly. Kendra is never there, and they both hate each other, and Bridget is hanging on by being very friendly to Holly.???

Busty blonds fighting to get pregnant by and married to a decrepit, very wealthy old man? Great. Even though she’s gone, it’s nice to see that Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy will still live on.

[Source, Source]

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Hugh Hefner’s trying to get Victoria Beckham in Playboy’s new Skeletal British Robots edition. [Egotastic]

• Muslims are pissed at 24 for misrepresenting them as terrorists. Canadians are pissed at Kiefer Sutherland for misrepresenting them as tough and strong-willed. [MSNBC]

Richard Gere needs to meditate and take a Valium. [TMZ]

Isaac Cohen getting free shit for being the boyfriend of a famous single mom. [DListed]

Lohan looking stylish, even in rehab. [INO]

• “And I won’t stop (looking at boobs), ’cause I can’t stop (looking at boobs).” Diddy’s not very subtle. [WWTDD]

• The late Adrienne Shelly’s film is premiering at Sundance. [NYT]

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Brit and Paris feud all the way in Vienna. Paris wins. Hate her, but respect that shit goes her way all the time. [MSNBC]

Courtney and Brad call a truce. War in Iraq still rages on. [Us]

Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett? Mediocrity squared. [People]

Hugh Hefner wants to have another kid, even though he’s 80. Isn’t it selfish to have a baby when you’re pretty certain you won’t be around for him very long? [TMZ]

Mischa’s b/f is a big letdown, and he might ruin her. Now she knows how The OC feels. [PopSugar]

• Somebody found a bunch of Myspace pages of American Idol contestants. Looking at them for longer than 15 seconds is shameful. [DBC]

• What we could do with $1.2 trillion, besides kill each other. [NYT]

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??? How Not To Dress Up Your Best Assets, by Jennifer Love Hewitt. [Bastardly]

??? Hef doesn’t like to bump uglies (or shall we say olds) anymore. Ambitious blondes everywhere rejoice. [I’m Not Obsessed]

??? Janet Jackson was pissed that Paris co-opted her album release party. That’s what you get for letting the Hilton siege into the club. [Rymes with Snitch]

??? Gwyneth Paltrow eats like an idiot to lose baby weight. Apparently the Guiness diet wasn’t working out. [Celebitchy]

??? Sarah Michelle Gellar appreciates being able to make faces. What, it’s not like that’s an important part of her craft or anything. [PopSugar]

??? Hey, you’re not a lifeguard. [Egotastic]

??? What’s with the Brits and their autobiographies? [DListed]

??? Help MetaDish end this Stephanie Adams mess once and for all. [MetaDish]

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??? Is there a heat wave going on, or are Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney filming together again? [Celebitchy]

??? Oh, you best not be littering in front of Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth. Oh, what was that? Not your cigarette, just one of your arms falling off? Awkward. [A Socialite’s Life]

??? Hugh Hefner denies having a minor stroke this weekend, says it was just “virility spasm.” [Hollywood Rag]

??? Something tells me that trying to break into Paul McCartney’s house isn’t the best way for Heather Mills not to come off as a crazy in this divorce. [BWE]

??? Note to self: If trying not to get sexually assaulted, stay away from dark rooms containing Joe Francis. [DListed]

??? Julia Roberts is thrilled about her wheatgrass! Thrilled I say! [X17]

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??? If you’re going to dress like an idiot and wear a tutu to play tennis, Maria Sharapova, at least have the decency to coordinate your underwear/shorts with your dress. [Celebitchy]

??? Mariah Carey just oozes nonchalance. How can one woman try so little to look attractive? [The Superficial]

??? Meet The Brangelina Code, Sony Pictures’ attempt to keep us interested in The Da Vinci Code. It’s working. [E! Online]

??? Everyone has their own Surreal Life dream team, but a very pregnant Anna Nicole Smith would just be a ratings goldmine. [Pop Culture Junkies]

??? Kate Beckinsale lost her cat. On the way home from the gym? While wearing clogs? Just look at the pictures. [Bastardly]

??? Hugh Hefner would be ”honored’ if Angelina Jolie would pose nude in Playboy. Yeah, no shit. [IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay]

??? The new Christina Aguilera has leaked onto the internet. Check it out before her lawyers start suing. [PopBytes]

??? TomKat spent Memorial Day with Jim Carrey (obviously). Please don’t tell me Ace Ventura is a Scientolgist. [JustJared]

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