David Letterman must really enjoy the movie Hancock: In the past week, he’s had Jason Bateman, Will Smith and now Charlize Theron on his show. Charlize, whom we love, was the proud owner of the most bizarre interview, which was so disjointed and uncomfortable it beat out the weird Dave/Will kiss from the night before. At the end of the interview, Charlize joked about being drunk ??? and we really do hope alcohol is to blame, because if not, her jokes make for painful situations.


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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! “A big-screen version of Arrested Development is planned for next year. ‘When it was on TV, if you missed one word the whole third act could be blown for you. And TV is a different experience. You come home and you’ve got to finish a call so you miss the first ten minutes or you get snacky and you go to the fridge and you miss another two minutes, so it’s a different experience to film.’”

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If there’s one celebrity who needs to cross over into the music business, it’s Jason Bateman. The man whom we will always refer to as Michael Bluth visited David Letterman last night and sang what will surely be one of the summer’s hottest tunes. We won’t give much away, but it’s about poopy diapers and it’s sung to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The man truly is a genius.


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The Banana Stand Is Back In Business

Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor stopped by a radio station yesterday and announced the Bluth family may be getting back together to make a movie: “I talked to [executive producer] Ron Howard and he hinted that there???s a push to get the movie made.”


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Yes, Mark McGrath, We See You

Let’s be honest: Celebrities are usually only interested in sports if it will guarantee them a photo op. Saturday night’s NY Giants celebration party was no different, with the guest list consisting of a couple A-listers, some people we’ve heard of but haven’t seen in awhile, and then a few who made us go, “Who?”


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