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Why Ashlee Simpson appears to be buying socks in a Duane Reade (drugstore) in New York, I do not know, but it still makes more sense than her starring onstage in Chicago. The rumors of her being offered the role of Roxy Hart in London started last week, and now Star Magazine confirms that not only was she offered the role, but she has already started rehearsals:

Ashlee Simpson has finally signed on to play murderous vixen Roxie Hart in the London run of the musical Chicago, a Simpson source exclusively told Star ??? the first publication to break the official news ??? Monday morning. Then, when contacted by Star, Chicago producer Barry Weissler, confirmed, "Yes, it is true. Ashlee Simpson is joining the cast of Chicago in London. We are very excited and are looking forward to gauging the London audience reaction."

,,,"Ashlee's a dancer; her background is in dance," the source tells Star. "She wants to do live theater. This will put all of those critics to rest. She's always wanted to be on stage, but she got diverted when she started selling so many albums."

Meanwhile, the Simpson source tells Star that an official announcement will be made in coming weeks, likely out of London, and that Ashlee will be photographed for the musical's posters in the coming days.

Earlier this year, Ashlee attracted attention for having a nose job. Coincidentally, Roxie Hart sings about her nose ??? and how being a celeb means that everyone is aware of your body parts. In a song from the musical, Roxie Hart, sings:

I'm gonna be a celebrity
That means
Somebody everyone knows
They('re) gonna recognize my eyes
My hair my teeth my boobs my nose

Hmm...considering the attention Ashlee received after having her nose resculpted, that must mean she's a full-fledged celebrity!

So...I'm going to go ahead and assume they don't get much of the ol' SNL across the pond? And that they don't, say, watch American Football College Bowl Games? Yeah, didn't think so.

Well, lets hope Ashlee can dance better than that one episode of her show where she and her friend attended a ballet lesson, because that was painful. And unless this nose job miraculously changed her singing voice, I'm not so sure that this "London audience reaction" everyone is so eager to see will be all that positive. To say the very least.

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