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Is Britney Spears a lost cause already? I mean, judging from her choice of apparel since the break-up/re-bodificaion, she's really showed no evidence of being unlost. That makes no sense. You know what I mean. But doesn't it seem a bit soon for the panty flash? Paris Hilton's Seven Days to a Classier You sure works quickly.


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No. 1
Ventura says:

remember how Paris was quoted as saying that one of the ways she "tested" friends was to hold up two outfits and if the potential "friend" picked the ugly one he/she fails the test? So is Paris having a little fun at Brit Brit's expense? Did she say "Oh, yeah bitch. those white shoes with that leopard skin dress are really hot!" And then she started laughing. Paris DOES have an evil smirk going.

November 24, 2006 5:03 PM
No. 2
Debi Lee says:

at least she's wearin' panties!

November 24, 2006 5:55 PM
No. 3
Christopher happens to be Molly's #1 Fan, not Holy Candy's says:

Mollydearest, I hope your Thanksgiving went well, hun. Did you eat a lot of Turkey? Are you feeling guilty about it???
Anyway...like I was saying last time. There is this nice lady with her site she calls "Holy Candy", and she is a nice lady, she is. But I don't think I can be her number one fan anymore. Why? Because I'm yours! Your site is just way more appealing to me. Plus, were both jewish. Were like brother and sister, you and me. Plus, we both used to live in pomona( haven't lived there since I was four years of age ). We just have alot more in common than Holy Candy and I do.
And I think your really sweet, too. I know we got off to a very, very, bad start, but, that wasn't really me. You know? Angry, he just says the damndest things. I just ignore him now. You know, he is your friend King Kang, on Myspace. I am only telling you, becuase, he is weird! Just watchout for him. I wouldn't go out to a movie with that guy.
Take care Molly! And have a great weekend, hun!

November 24, 2006 6:48 PM
No. 4
papa joe's coke binge says:

those shoes are like old lady shoes...

now all together in unison...


maybe she'll hear us this time...

November 24, 2006 9:26 PM
No. 5
Marta says:

Brit looks like trash, just awful.
And yes , party with Paris is so smart PR if you are in the middle of divorce (at least you claim that you are divorcing).

November 25, 2006 8:28 AM
No. 6
Drama Queen says:

Paris the unstoppable mentor...

November 25, 2006 1:45 PM
No. 7
chunkstyle says:

Ventura called it on this one. Paris is totally aware of how hideous Britney looks because Paris dressed her that way. Oh that is bad friends in action fer sure.

November 25, 2006 1:47 PM
No. 8
Carny says:

I agree. Paris, must be having fun with that county bumpkin Brit. I bet Brit is totally opening up to Paris and telling her all her personal business. I bet Paris will have fun making fun of Brit and betraying her confidences when they aren't friends anymore.

November 25, 2006 2:48 PM
No. 9
Impertinent Vixen says:

She looks like Pebbles from the Flintstones with fugly Minnie Mouse shoes. And, oh yeah, Paris dressed her that way on purpose; you can totally tell.

November 25, 2006 6:14 PM
No. 10
Used to Love Her says:

Oh you have to see the new ones. Those are the stupid white shoes she worse the night before right? WELL WELL WELL, last night this crazy bitch britney goes out with Paris wearing that nasty Little Miss Sunshine shirt AGAIN - Has she even washed it? With a black skirt and probably fish nets because she is convinced she is a hooker now and the SHOES she wore the first night in VEGAS with that stupid pantssuit that she ended up taking off the pants! I dont understand. Paris wears something different everyday and this bitch acts like she is a bargain shopper and is reusing pieces from her wardrobe and matching it with 2 pairs of shoes the same jacket and one nasty shirt. WTF? I think she is on cocaine or something. That's how crackheads act. They don't care what they wear. This is ridiculous. The same shoes - the same shirt - 5 days. WTF? One jacket. She needs rehab after a week? lol WTF???????????????????????????????? Paris is just dying cause that bitch would never wear the same shit twice. She probably throws shit out as soon as she gets home. HA HA

November 25, 2006 6:33 PM
No. 11
Dan says:


November 25, 2006 9:15 PM
No. 12
parissucksliterally says:

I think the "test" Paris was referring to is if the person picks the ugly outfit, it's because she wants Paris to look crappy, therefore she is not a real friend.

I know Paris is ragging on Britney to all her friends.

November 26, 2006 12:12 AM

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