— Tue, Jan 16, 2007 —

Bad Boy Records Founder and part-time Proactiv Solution spokesmodel Diddy got denied from the Sunset Tower Hotel's post-Golden Globes party. Moments later, the counterintuitive babe of the night Helen Mirren showed up and dipped past security without issue. OHHHHHH! IN YOUR PROACTIV REVITALIZING TONER DRENCHED FACE, DIDDY! Video footage of the snub is here, but here's the description in case you can't watch it:

It happened last night at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Diddy arrived at the party, but met with resistance. He got into a pretty heated conversation with a guy who looked like the head of security for the hotel. Several uniformed guards stood by as Diddy haggled with security and talked on his phone. How many times do you think he said, "Do you know who I am?"

About five minutes after Diddy arrived, Mirren, who won two Globes earlier in the evening, was greeted with open arms by the same security guard who stiff-armed Diddy. Mirren was then ushered in -- right past him!! Sometimes, it's good to be "The Queen."

So, once, a girl from my high school got too drunk at a really fun party and shat herself in front of everyone. Kids started going CRAZY; laughing and calling people who weren't there to tell them what happened. All the cackling became this really cruel, juvenile death knell for a girl's social life. It was brutal. I think that's what it's like to get denied at a door these days. Everyone's pointing and taking pictures with their phones and you're just standing there with a hot face. It's probably even worse when you're in a damn look-at-me suit and sunglasses. Sorry, Diddy. You need to come back to New York and reevaluate things. You can do this. Who knows, maybe it's time for another name change?


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No. 1
prns says:

ha ha ha!!! sucked!!!

January 16, 2007 7:07 PM
No. 2
whitney says:

Man, I feel worse for the girl in your HS than Diddy. That is horrifying.

January 16, 2007 7:50 PM
No. 3
dianne says:

Ha ha, that pompous jerk got served!!

January 16, 2007 8:12 PM
No. 4
Megan says:

HA HA HA!! This was so funny, Cord!! I am going to laugh about this all night. In your Proactive Toner Drenched Face! I am snickering to my monitor as I type. Oh man. This is awesome. I love you. I laughed so hard I snorted Diet Coke out my nose. Damn. HA HA HA....you said "shat". heeheeheee....

January 16, 2007 9:16 PM
No. 5
Anne (in Reno) says:

That's awesome. Helen Mirren is the shit. And whatever his name is now, Diddy-cakes is just a shit.

January 16, 2007 9:17 PM
No. 6
Megan says:

So I gave myself some time to recover from the unexpected Diet Coke Snort, came back, reread this, and broke out into hysterical laughter again. This is awesome.

January 16, 2007 9:41 PM
No. 7
princess says:

LOL cord you rock!!

January 17, 2007 12:18 AM
No. 8
derek says:

much less simplistic old vs. young thing--much cooler, much smarter, much more entertaining, much more of an interesting critique of pop culture. thx.

January 17, 2007 3:47 AM
No. 9
ms.conception says:

It's about time someone woke up and put this clown in his place! Great description of the sting of embarassment! hee hee

January 17, 2007 9:34 AM
No. 10
Waltz says:

About time...

January 18, 2007 1:26 AM

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