— Wed, Jun 14, 2006 —

Can Eva Longoria please shut the hell up about sex? It's way hotter when she just exudes sex rather than talking about it all the time. I swear, pretty soon we're all going to know every detail of every sexual encounter the woman has ever had. At least this time she's not blathering on about who is the 'teacher' in her relationship with Tony Parker. In fact, she's not talking at all, she's writing an erotic novel. God help us. Hollywood.com has the story:

Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria is in negotiations to transfer some of her sizzling on-screen sexuality to the page--by penning a raunchy novel.

The actress has already planned an erotic plot for her first foray into literature, and can't wait for the work to be in bookshops.

She says, "They offered a huge deal and I like the idea of seeing my book on a shelf.

"The plot's top secret so far, but let's just say I have a wild imagination."

I'm willing to bet that this 'top secret' plot is somewhat of a roman a clef involving an older woman, a younger male athlete, some 'spiritual connections' and a whole lot of early morning gong.


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