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Yesterday afternoon Jay-Z sat down with UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, among others, for a press conference to announce the star's upcoming project educating the public about the worldwide water crisis. That's right, F Cristal, Water is the new hot politically charged beverage. Rush and Molloy has the story:

The hip-hop mogul announced yesterday that he plans to travel to the regions affected by the world water crisis and document his journey in a special for MTV, "Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life," to air Nov. 24.

"Every 15 seconds a child dies from not having access to clean water," the rapper said at a press conference at the United Nations, his partner on the project. "I want people to know that while they're having their Poland Spring at Cipriani." UN Secretary General Kofi Annan added, "All of us at the UN hope this campaign will motivate youth to take action ... in their own lives."

The program will follow the rapper as he meets children who are among more than 1 billion people worldwide who do not have access to safe drinking water.

"My thing is to make the information available to everyone and make them aware of the problem," he added. "I've never been to Africa, but I think that'll be the most important part of the trip for me."

This all makes me love Jay-Z more than the awkwardly intense amount that I already did. It's just too bad that we have to wait so long to see the special. Doesn't MTV know that our attention span is barely longer than two weeks, let alone waiting four whole months? Geez.

Blogger We Don't Smell was lucky enough to gain access to the conference, and uploaded some short video clips so you can hear Jay-Z talk for himself. A short clip of the conclusion of Jay's statement is after the jump, otherwise head over to WDS to watch the rest.

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"I want people to know that while they're having their Poland Spring at Cipriani."

Ok, I know it...now what? How does that help anything?

said: papa esther on August 10, 2006 09:07 PM

Funny thing is, I used to work at Nick and Stef's steakhouse, where this asshole would be with that jackass Leor Cohen every night of the week sipping their Evian ('cause they're too damned good for Poland Springs. Just kidding; bitch probably just downed some champagne instead). That asshole doesn't care about anyone but his own ass and possibly his skanky beard, Beyonce Knowles. 15 seconds my fucking ass.

said: Sonia on August 11, 2006 12:41 AM

sonia- what did you do at the steakhouse? clean the toilets? Burn. Also, I don't see you doing shit for anyone other than yourself either. And trust me, I know. I've been watching.

BTW, your comment doesn't make any sense, and its not funny. Also, don't say "funny thing is" when its neither funny nor interesting in any way.

said: +/- on August 11, 2006 02:50 AM

at least he is doing something to change the world. Some celebs don't give a shit. Its a hard knock life.

said: allie on August 11, 2006 05:31 PM

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