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Turns out we're not going to get a chance to read the tell-all Jennifer Lopez book after all. What? You know nothing of this book because no one has paid attention to J-Lo in years and you barely remember who was famous last week let alone in 2004? Well, Lopez's first husband Ojani Noa penned a nasty book about his relationship with the star and gave her a lovely $5 Million Or I Publish This ultimatum. Good thing he was just a starter husband, sounds like a real a-hole. The matter was set to go to court today, but no dice. TMZ has the thrilling tale:

Ojani Noa has agreed to a preliminary injunction to stop him from publishing (what Lopez describes as) a "negative, denigrating and disparaging" tell-all book about the multi-talented actress until the matter goes to court.


The injunction states that Noa may not disclose for financial gain "any private or intimate details about Lopez or Noa's relationship with her." He is also directed not to sell or disseminate a manuscript of the book and to retrieve any book materials and copies from anyone who may have possession of them.

This is just one thing in a long list of Noa related problems.

Last October, Noa and Lopez settled a lawsuit he brought against her, alleging Lopez fired him as manager of her restaurant Madre's illegally.

According to her lawsuit, Noa also tried selling video to the National Enquirer of Lopez getting ready on their wedding day and honeymoon and of her in a bikini "showing her posterior".

No book AND no sex tape? It's like she doesn't even want to be famous anymore. If you can't live without seeing a video of Jennifer Lopez "showing her posterior" off, I recommend you just watch the one for "Jenny from the Block."

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No. 1
honey says:

oh JLo... how I miss those Ben Affleck ass-slapping days... le sigh

June 30, 2006 4:27 PM

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