— Wed, Sep 13, 2006 —

OMG!!! Did anyone else see Justin Timberlake on TRL yesterday? He came on and was all "I'm applying for a job here in case this album doesn't work out," and then the girl in the street was all "I love you and have tattooed your face on top of my boyfriend's face so when I look at him it's like I'm looking at you," and JT was all like "Creepy, never do that," and the girl got to come up and scare JT in person.

So then Vanessa Minnillo was all "Are you having a party tonight? Can Nick and I come?" and Justin was like, "No, and never." And that other girl was sobbing in the audience the whole time and the camera kept cutting to her tear-soaked hyperventilation. And then VJ Damien was all "Listen to animal sex sounds," and JT was like "This is all making me totally uncomfortable," and then Damien was like "Would you work with Danity Kane?" and JT was like "No," and that was sort of awkward, too. And then JT made a joke on that Evanescence song and was all "Damien, you never call me when you're sober," and Damien was all "I'm never sober," (OMG, ROFLMAO). And then in the end JT had to dance again with the obsessed girl (shown above on the left) and he mostly just made a face like please, sweet lord, let this all end soon.

No? Me neither.


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No. 1
Jason Lambright says:

ummm, high-larious.

September 13, 2006 5:57 PM
No. 2
Cherrrr says:


Molly, i've tattooed your face over my cat's so that when i pat him it's like patting you.


September 13, 2006 7:37 PM
No. 3
Mike says:

You guys are bias and waaaay too judgemental. That girl that you all bashed is my friend Danielle, and she's a really sweet person. She just played up the JT Fan thing so she could get on TV, and nowadays, who DOESN'T do that? Not to mention she doesn't even have a boyfriend. I think the joke's on all of you for finding her so obsessive and crazed when she was quite the contrary. Why don't you all find better things to do than slam innocent people who just want a little day's fun?
Yeah. I went there.

September 17, 2006 3:48 PM
No. 4
Mike says:

P.S.- Who even WATCHES TRL nowadays over the age of 13 unless they know someone personally who is a guest on the show? What a pointless program.

September 17, 2006 3:54 PM

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