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Kevin Federline's Nationwide Insurance ad, scheduled to air during the upcoming Super Bowl, has a top executive at the National Restaurant Association angry. Here's the scoop:

The [executive], Annika Stensson...says. "It shouldn't be necessary for a company to disrespect others to get its point across. ...It's a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection. It's not Kevin we take issue with, but the depiction of where he ends up."

A spokesman for Nationwide, Eric Hardgrove, said...it is a "humorous take on one person's life. ...The focus of the ad is the element of surprise, not the setting of a fast-food restaurant."

In the commercial, Federline's journey from rap superstar to fry cook is meant to dramatize Nationwide's slogan, "Life comes at you fast."

Stensson also says that the commercial, which depicts Federline daydreaming about being famous while actually working in fast food, is "demeaning and unpleasant."

Guess what, it might be "demeaning and unpleasant," but it's true. The food service industry as a whole–especially the fast food sub-industry–has a remarkably high turnover rate. Even the US Government says so (and those dudes are never wrong):

There is substantial movement into and out of these occupations because education and training requirements are minimal and the predominance of part-time jobs are attractive to people seeking a short-term source of income rather than a career.

Sorry, National Restaurant Association, someone with little to no education who finds themselves in desperate need of a job just might turn to fast food. Exacerbating everything is the fact that they'll probably get treated pretty poorly while working there. Sad, "unpleasant" and true.


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No. 1
roscoe says:

Oh please, no one works in a fast-food restaurant unless they have no other choice. It's not an ideal career. This chick from the National Restaurant Association needs to get real.

January 24, 2007 2:27 PM
No. 2
Lale says:

I'd like to invite Annika to strap on a sweet McDonald's uniform and get behind the counter for a week. This way, when I yell "Stupid whore! I asked for extra pickles on my otherwise plain double cheeseburger with onions and no salt. EXTRA PICKLES! Does THREE slices indicate EXTRA?"

Yeah, Annika, you keep it real in your corporate position. Until you have to work daily with mildly retarded people, Meth addicts and the occasional "normal" person who just needs a break, why don't you keep your yap shut and let K-Fed make some money of his own?

January 24, 2007 2:34 PM
No. 3
sara says:

the fast food industry has set the standards of their industry in the hope that less than average people with less than average intelligence, teenagers, and immigrants specifically will have no other choice than to work at their restaurant. The system is set up so these people don't have to read or write well to do a job. They read signs and speak "mcenglish". They also have no union to protect their rights. The fast food industry has successfully stopped unionization, and continues to abuse it's employees with sub standard pay. It is a vile industry, and should be boycotted for the sake of america's communities, and our weight too.

January 24, 2007 2:36 PM
No. 4
Meg says:

Since when are A.J. (formerly of 106th & Park) and Kevin so close?


January 24, 2007 2:37 PM
No. 5
thegoodgirl says:

If the National Restaurant Association is truly worried about their image they should consider raising wages and offering benefits. Complaining about a satirical commercial hardly seems the way to attempt to give overworked, underpaid, uninsured, restaurant employees the respect that most deserve. And the fact that she consideres the K-fed potrayal "negative, unfair and inaccurate" reflection of what working minimum wage job is like, shows how truly disconnected she is from the people she supposedly represents.

Great way to get publicity without paying for those pesky million dollar super bowl ad time slots though. Nationwide should send you a bill!

January 24, 2007 3:33 PM

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