— Thu, Nov 2, 2006 —

??? Madonna is too busy promoting herself to manage her roots. [I'm Not Obsessed]

??? Anna Nicole Smith admitted over IM that Larry Birkhead is her baby's daddy. ROFLMAO. [TMZ]

??? Our adorable little friends interview adorable George Clooney. [PopSugar]

??? The Lohans always hope for a white Christmas. [DListed]

??? Knowledge (about Jessica Simpson) is power. [BWE]

??? Sharon Stone refused to endorse Barbie's made in her likeness because they didn't look enough like the actress. Jesus, woman, do you want to give the children nightmares? [Junkiness]

??? Maybe someone should explain to Nicole Richie that through the wonders of Internet shopping you can buy and rehabilitate simultaneously. [The Superficial]

??? Stavros is an idiot. [X17]

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