— Thu, Jun 22, 2006 —

Speaking of inappropriately unfounded pregnancy rumors...is Nicky Hilton with child in these pictures or what? Up until today, I've passed off any and all murmors about this possible Hilton child because a) it terrifies me and b) it's usually just that she's wearing a baggy dress.

But these, these pictures are ripe for judgement. Obviously it could be the angle, or an unflattering dress, or that she is a semi-normal sized person, but maybe, just maybe the Hilton reign of terror is only just beginning. Just look at boyfriend Kevin Connolly's face; isn't it just screaming what the hell have I gotten myself into?


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She's not pregnant. She's trying to pull one over on us to take the spotlight off of her skanky sister in hopes that record sales will soar.

said: Krissy on June 22, 2006 11:22 AM

um, that's really vertical and having been pregnant 3x i can tell you that she don't look so pregnant. Maybe she is having an alien baby? Or she has something (read *weed*) stuffed under her dress

said: chachados on June 22, 2006 12:26 PM

She's not pregnant, look at her legs and her shoulders in the first pic, she is practically turned half around, that "bump" is her hip.

said: bridget on June 22, 2006 03:32 PM

She looks like she ate a big meal and then stuck her stomach out on purpose to appear pregant.

said: roscoe 12 on June 22, 2006 10:15 PM

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