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Is Nicole Kidman putting a rush on her wedding plans because she is with child? According to Star (and I guess these pictures?) Kidman is looking pre-tty round these days and she would never just let herself go like that:

And wouldn't that be the perfect wedding gift for Nicole ??? as Star has reported, she's slated to marry her fianc??, country crooner Keith Urban, 38, later this month. An eyewitness exclusively tells Star, "Nicole was going to yoga around 5 p.m., and her tummy was really hanging out and pushing her pants down. She looked like she had gained some weight in her belly area and in her breasts. It wouldn't be a stretch to say she looked like a woman in the early stages of pregnancy."

Perhaps fiance Keith Urban was able to do what Tom Cruise never could in sperminating Nicole. Though, even with my admittedly rudimentary knowledge of how babies are made, I think that pregnancy is usually the result of sexual intercourse, and I'm not sure she and Tommy ever made it that far.


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