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Here's proof that Heidi Klum is actually a real person. Thanks to this photography website, we can see an example of just how much pictures are retouched before being published. Mostly though it's just fun to move your mouse on and off this shot and watch Heidi's body sag and miraculously un-sag over and over again. While Heidi is clearly the hottest baby farm alive either way, at least now I know that she does not hold some secret genetic code that makes her body not show any affect of birthing children.

There are some more great examples on the site, including inserting a rather hefty looking Ben Affleck into a Project Greenlight promo shot. I'd like to think that no one invited him to the real photoshoot because of his intense BO.

Sag. UnSag. Sag. UnSag. It never gets old.

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I also think it is hilarious to watch Wendy pop up and down behind her.

said: Meg on June 30, 2006 12:31 PM

That website was so much fun to poke around on...but did anyone else notice that her face doesn't change...damnit, she Isn't Human!.

said: Me on June 30, 2006 07:03 PM

Well, that's season 1 (Jay is in the back and Austin is to Heidi's left) so she was pregnant at the time. Meaning, she's not human as she is that hot when preggers!

said: Heather on July 1, 2006 01:27 PM

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