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There are two sides to all celebrities: The squeaky-clean images forced upon the public by PR reps and their actual personalities. To provide you with a glimpse into the real Hollywood characters are Mollygood???s very own readers, telling tales of celebrity encounters big and small. Up this week: Choni B's date with Russell Crowe.

Back in the day when I was a b-girl in New Orleans (late 90s), I met a cute bald Australian guy and his rather hinkey ??? but completely charming ??? ex-con-esque friend. After mocking them thoroughly and yelling, ???Pouch, Australian for pusssay!??? a number of times, the bald guy took a liking to me. He confided that he was Russell Crowe (!), I had no idea who he was. I asked my coworkers, and they told me he was in LA Confidential, which I confirmed the next day.

He was cool and fun — and he gave me $700 to take off my fall (half-wig to the uninitiated). He then invited me out for some yacht trip on the Mississippi the next day. We were having fun, but it sounded a bit strange because all that I really thought came from the Mississippi were floods and dead bodies.

When I got off work, he wanted to take me out for breakfast, and I accepted. When I left work he was waiting for me, but he was kissing some drunk skank on Bourbon street, so I told him to get fucked and went home. The next day I called his hotel and woke him up, canceling plans for the boat thing. Really cool guy, but too caught up for my taste. Fun to party with. I understand he is settled down now. Good guy overall, probably more grounded now.


Dec 5, 2008 · posted by Whitney · Link · 12 Responses
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