Sweet Little Lies

How ’bout a big Bronx cheer for Kim Kardashian, whose famous ass is not, as many believe, full of silicone, but deceit!

Although Kardashian claims to have been burgled of over $50,000 worth of goods at JFK, the Armenian star of both hard and soft pornography has not notified any authoritative bodies with jurisdiction over the airport, including Port Authority police and the NYPD. And the Queens district attorney “has [no] report of a theft.”

Officials suspect the whole thing is a sham for publicity. That is different from “this is officially a sham for publicity,” but not by much. Go back to LA, liar!

Nov 29, 2007 · Link · 16 Responses
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Comments (16)

No. 1 Mr. T says:

What an ass, literally and figuratively.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:04 am
No. 2 gayledi says:

To bad they didn’t steal her makeup bag.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:06 am
No. 3 maria says:

Maybe she has hired some Armenian mobster to help; the NYPD is very busy shooting people with hairbrushes. Can we talk about Sufjan Stevens, is he Armenian?

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:39 am
No. 4 bedbugsandballyhoo says:

Will someone tell that “ass” clown you’re supposed to wear a dress OVER your Spanx????

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:43 am
No. 5 parissucksliterally says:

EVERYTHING this whore does is a publicity stunt.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:44 am
No. 6 deimos says:

somebody should run up behind kim and shoot her ass full of that lipo-dissolve stuff and watch her “assets” melt away.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 11:58 am
No. 7 ilnazhad says:

Haha! You masturbate to her!

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 1:10 pm
No. 8 jujubees says:

Oh, Kim. Your way too late on this. Lindsay already did this. But she did it better and with a Hermes bag. What did Kim have, A Louis Vuitton? So predictible.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 1:18 pm
No. 9 heidi says:

Beware the giant ass of deceit.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 1:22 pm
No. 10 jujubees says:

Big ass deceit.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 2:05 pm
No. 11 janice says:

Deceit rears its ugly ass.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 3:26 pm
No. 12 Allie says:

Kim a very beautiful girl! You all are just ugly, jealous byatches, who can’t stand a beautiful girl succeeding in this ugly world.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 5:34 pm
No. 13 Kitchy says:

Assuming the definition of “success” is “famous for having a sex tape and a big ass.”

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 5:38 pm
No. 14 janice says:

Funny that you define “success in this ugly world” as being a urinal in a porno. If that’s success, what, exactly, is failure?

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 5:40 pm
No. 15 ginnipher says:

yeah, allie. you caught us. we ARE all just jealous of kim. why won’t anyone piss on MY face?

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 5:42 pm
No. 16 Kitchy says:

“If that???s success, what, exactly, is failure?”

Being the urinator.

Posted: Nov 29, 2007 at 5:42 pm
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