Sad Day

It's now time for another break from politics (yes, even on Election Day) to discuss something far more important: The Hills. For all five of you who watched last night, you witnessed Heidi Montag drinking excessively on the job and later getting fired. It was a beautiful moment — or it would have been, if any of it were authentic.

Look, I'm not asking for much here. I get that most of the conversations are rehashing things that already happened, thus not exactly being true to real life, but this whole deal about Heidi's "job" at Bolthouse has been a complete sham from the very begining. I read an interview with a producer once about how the show would take a completely different direction if they showed the girls' "famous" lives — Lauren designing her clothing line, the girls making club appearances, Heidi "singing" — but it's hard to be invested in something you know is completely and utterly fake.

Why not just not show Heidi working (heck, that's what they do with Spencer)? Or, better yet, why not just write those two losers off the show? Actually — and trust me, it pains me to say this — it's probably time to pack it up and call it a day with The Hills. It's reached a point where the girls' celebrity status is making it impossible for the show to bear any semblance of a real life. It makes watching the show feel more like a chore than entertainment, and that's never a good thing.

See you in the unemployment line, Heidi. Be sure to call the paps.

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The Rest Is Still Unwritten

So in case you haven't heard, tonight is the season four premiere of MTV "reality" hit The Hills. Over the last three seasons it's become fairly obvious that there's rarely anything real about the show except for Spencer and Heidi's douchiness, so we've compiled our five favorite fake moments in the history of The Hills. Feel free to add your own if they didn't make the cut.


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Can Speidi Stay There, Too?

America's favorite couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, took a trip to Las Vegas on Wednesday to film scenes for The Hills. Spoiler alert: It seems Speidi is still moving forward with the "our relationship is on the rocks" storyline.

Sources at various casinos tell People that not only did the couple stay in different rooms, they???re actually in different hotels.

'Yes it is true,' a rep tells People. 'They are working on their relationship ??? They were there filming The Hills.'

While in Vegas working on the show, the on-again, off-again couple was spotted arguing for the cameras at the Palazzo???s Dos Caminos restaurant. When the cameras stopped rolling on multiple occasions, Pratt left the restaurant while Montag stayed behind, hanging out with Los Angeles club promoter and her Hills boss Brent Bolthouse. Interaction on and off-camera was limited between the two.

Interesting, since this photo of the two "lovebirds" was taken just last weekend. We can't decide whether it's the fighting or the romance that's fake, but one thing is certain: Many years from now, someone is going to need therapy.


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