Spencer Pratt entertained us yet again on last night's episode of The Hills with a thought-provoking speech on foreign relations and family values. Frustrated that his sister, Stephanie, is still "rolling around with LC," Spence declared that he wished he could make her his un-sister and then shot down Steph's hopes that one day everyone would just be civil: "It's like trying to tell Iran and Israel to get along. Its not gonna happen." … We're not even going to touch that statement.

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An online ticketing venue is recruiting Jonas Brothers fans (that's going to be a difficult task) to be a part of the band's outdoor VMA performance ??? and to sweeten the deal, fans are promised "the Top-Secret Finale Performance" (in all caps, of course). Except we have a feeling what this big secret is, and everybody knows about it. Thanks, Kim Vo.


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MTV: Helping Girls develop body image problems since 1981

MTV has put out a casting call for their newest shockingly ill-conceived reality show, Model Makers, which will feature young girls being judged on how well they slim down in order to prove their love of the catwalk. So disturbing, but not anything new for reality television, which as of late actually seemed to be pulling back from the precarious brink of Milf Island:


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Time To Pray

After much speculation, inside sources are confirming that Britney Spears will once again grace the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7. According to friends, Brit is extremely focused this time around and wants to be taken seriously:

She is as nervous as hell but at the same time itching to get back in front of the same audience where she screwed up so badly last time. It is the perfect platform for her to announce to her fans and the world that the dark days are behind her and she???s back on track with her life and her career. She really wants to do this, despite the jitters.

We're not quite on board with this idea — she should really be taking baby steps — but MTV would be insane to not jump on this publicity opportunity. Americans love seeing comebacks, but even more than that they love seeing someone fail miserably. Win-win.


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Thank goodness The Hills returned last night ??? Mondays simply weren't the same without Spencer Pratt and his creepy flesh-colored beard gracing our television sets. Apparently this season's Speidi storyline will revolve around Heidi's sister, Holly, because the couple has no other friends and needs a new punching bag. The manufactured drama isn't necessarily interesting in the least, but we are consistently entertained by Spence's ability to raise the bar every week with his d-bag abilities. In the scene at left, Spencer welcomes Holly into his home the only way he knows how: By forcing her to watch him play X-Box while he ignores her.

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The Rest Is Still Unwritten

So in case you haven't heard, tonight is the season four premiere of MTV "reality" hit The Hills. Over the last three seasons it's become fairly obvious that there's rarely anything real about the show except for Spencer and Heidi's douchiness, so we've compiled our five favorite fake moments in the history of The Hills. Feel free to add your own if they didn't make the cut.


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Don't Hurt Yourself

These pictures from the Jonas Brothers' latest visit to TRL made me cringe at first because those poor girls are quite obviously in the middle of a breakdown, but then I remembered I have no room to talk after my years-long *NSYNC obsession. It's good to see a boy band gain that same level of popularity again — every teenage girl should go through that sad, obsessive stage.


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The Glass Is Half Full

Britney Spears' VMA promos, featuring host Russell Brand and the elephant in the room, have hit the Web. The scenes were reportedly improvised, which means Brit actually formed words on her own. Small victories.

Click through for the second clip.


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So at the moment there's all this buzz about Britney Spears getting her life back on track, and the pop star even put that traumatizing VMA performance in the past by filming a promo for this year's MTV awards show. She reportedly shot the ad-libbed commercial this week in Hollywood with host Russell Brand and a 9,000-pound "elephant in the room." Clever.

But can we just take a moment to reflect on how far she's truly fallen? In a mere seven years, one of the most famous artists of our time went from performing a near-perfect routine to close out the 2001 VMAs to being the laughing stock of the industry.

We miss the old Brit.

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Also: The Earth Spins On Its Axis, The Sun Rises And Sets

The furor surrounding R. Kelly???s trial and subsequent acquittal has died down, and, although one might have hoped that R. Kelly wouldn???t be seen or heard from for a long time, that???s not the case. He???s back with a bunch of leaked tracks and a new upcoming album, 12 Play: 4th Quarter. MTV describes some of the tracks for us, and they are singularly about sex, of course. (Song titles include "Wanna Make a Baby?" and "Might Be Mine.")


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The American Way

The tool you see at left is named Jessie Godderz, one of the current houseguests on the reality competition Big Brother. CBS describes the 22-year-old body builder as "the all-American boy next door who graduated from high school in Iowa." Sure, except he's a massive tool who's caught the attention of The Soup because he is more in love with himself than should be allowed (you can watch that here). But the really endearing thing about Jessie is that the overachiever has already appeared on not one but two MTV dating shows, Exposed and Next. Good to know CBS is now in the business of picking up MTV's leftovers.

Click through for video of his appearances on both shows and prepare to fall in love with the obnoxious d-bag that is Jessie Godderz. (Spoiler alert: He takes his shirt off and flexes his muscles in both clips.)


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BERKLEY SO EXCITED FOR MTV REALITY SHOW "MTV is developing an unscripted project with Elizabeth Berkley and her husband, artist Greg Lauren, that is based on Ask-Elizabeth, the self-esteem workshops for teen girls that Berkley created. Berkley has volunteered her time facilitating Ask-Elizabeth workshops in schools and for organizations around the country for 2 1???2 years. Her Web site, Ask-Elizabeth.com, features a library of video content intended to help empower girls worldwide."

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TRL seems to be a breeding ground for bad fashion statements: First Mariah Carey showed up in that monstrosity of an 8th grader's outfit, and now Miley Cyrus appeared on the program looking like she let a blind person pick out her clothes. Really, how many articles of clothing is this girl wearing? It's out of control.


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OK, seriously, at first we were kind of kidding with the "There's No New Ideas" tag, but we're starting to shudder at its increasing accuracy.

Now there's this:

MTV is developing a remake of 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reports Variety.

Lou Adler, executive producer of the original film, is partnering with BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios on the new rendition.

The new version will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien but may also include music not featured in the original.

Our prediction: hyper-sanitized, PG-13 schlock. And 88 percent less gay.

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Most of us think that Kanye West is completely selfish and self absorbed, but maybe we???re wrong about the ???completely??? part. He???s teamed up with MTV for a one-hour Choose or Lose special, during which he and MTV-resident Sway will visit the homes of returned soldiers, listen to their stories, and just hang out. An MTV VP says Kanye West was chosen because his music resonates with soldiers returning from the war. OK. Here???s what Kanye says about the good deed:


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Thank Goodness

Baldwin Hills, the teen-focused reality show that is marketed as BET???s answer to Laguna Beach and The Hills, premiered with a respectable (for BET) 1.5 million viewers on Tuesday. As 2007-2008 BET premieres go, the show comes in second place after Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, meaning troubled R&B stars are more compelling to BET viewers than upper-middle-class kids and their overbearing parents. But how do Baldwin Hills??? second season premiere numbers compare to its counterpart at MTV?


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What Just Happened?

Tim McGraw shows his wife she's not the only one who can get into a fight with an audience member who is being disrespectful. [INO]

Brooke Hogan explains the controversial photo in which her father rubs lotion on her butt: "I know I???m a grown woman, but it???s like he???s touching an old car." [ICYDK]

Justin Timberlake says he suffers from OCD and ADD. Also, D-Bag Syndrome. [DListed]

• Take the celebrity honeymoon quiz and see how much of a life you don't have. [PS]

• MTV, likely energized by John McCain's campaign, has decided to allow political ads for the first time since 1981. [Jossip]

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Effing MTV

Pete Wentz's latest venture, FNMTV, was tainted by Ashlee Simpson and Snoop Dogg in a hilarious sketch where Snoop gives the couple parenting tips. Oh, did we say "hilarious"? We meant "uncomfortable." Or, you know, any other adjective that comes to mind when you think of a root canal.

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