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• One of the fattest cats in America, who was abandoned in New Jersey, found a home. Aww. [DListed]

Pink has some harsh words ??? via song ??? for ex Corey Hart. [INO]

Kim Kardashian takes a break from her hard life to be photographed at the beach. [Yeeeah]

Denise Richards‘ reality show may not come back for a second season. We weren’t even aware someone was stupid enough to consider it. [ICYDK]

• Who hasn’t seen Lindsay Lohan’s funbags? [HT]

Seal and Heidi Klum’s family vacation is cuter than yours. [PS]

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Real Fake People!

Every week, a bunch of ???real??? people say really stupid things on reality TV. These are their stories.

10. “This wiener just pushed on my head all day long.” ??? Molly, Sunset Tan


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Our apologies for posting a second Anderson Cooper video in the same afternoon, but this moment is made of such greatness it deserves to be shared. Anderson shares with Kelly his reality TV viewing habits and then goes on to bash Dina and Ali Lohan, but the best part is where he references Joel McHale. The fact that Anderson Cooper watches The Soup just made our entire day.

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It???s been, what, about three hours since the finale of Cycle 10 of America???s Next Top Model aired? That must mean it???s about that time for Cycle 11 to start. Naturally, the promo shot features Tyra Banks as a yoga instructor/hippie/prostitute.


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Battle Of The D-Listers

Now that the dust has settled from the bizarre Nikki Blonsky-Bianca Golden airport brawl, more details are being made available ??? including, of course, a YouTube video of the aftermath. Bianca is seen in the video wearing a green top, and Nikki’s mother apparently comes over to speak to the videographer toward the end of the clip. We’re still totally confused about the entire thing, but we’ve decided we’re on Team Blonsky because Bianca was simply insufferable on the ninth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. That’s fair, right?

After the jump: Proof that Bianca is an obnoxious instigator.


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Who Hates Themselves Enough To Sit Through This?

Here’s the music video for Ali Lohan’s “All the Way Around.” Some creative genius decided that the 14-year-old brat wasn’t worth a big-budget set, so instead we’re treated to a bunch of clips from Living Lohan. The reality show was bad enough the first time around, but now that it’s set to this travesty of a song it’s officially unbearable.

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Little Demons

On last night’s So You Think You Can Dance, we were treated to Lil Demon, an adorable 6-year-old breakdancer who seemed to be missing the famewhore gene, as evidenced by his shy demeanor. But that’s OK: With a few more shows under your belt, Lil Demon (or can we just call you Lil?), you’ll be your family’s main cash cow in no time.

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Real Fake People!

Every week, a bunch of ???real??? people say really stupid things on reality TV. These are their stories.

10. “I am going to fight with everything that is from toe to head of me.” ??? Jessie, Big Brother


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Mistaken Identity

Us Weekly put our fears at ease by reassuring everyone that Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City is not dating Lipstick Jungle actor Robert Buckley. Phew.

The issue at hand is the picture that accompanies the story, which features Frankel and some guy who is definitely not the Robert Buckley in question. Trust us, we know what he looks like.

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Also: Can You Catch STDs By Being In The Same Room As Bret Michaels' Girlfriends?

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The Matt Grant edition of The Bachelor wasn’t any more entertaining than every other season, but the breakup is proving otherwise. Former fiance (and constant famewhore) Shayne Lamas told People magazine about her plans for the engagement ring, purchased by ABC: She’s keeping it “safe and clean and in a glass box — like a glass slipper.” Also? Matt is totally on board with the idea and even “wants to come over and look at it.”

Naturally, the magazine then got a response from Matt, because this is middle school and two adults can’t just decide what to do with a piece of jewelry without using the media as a go-between. And, of course, Matt says he never spoke with Shayne about the subject.

We never discussed this. I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, she just made it up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and I???ll go along with it.

It wasn???t a ???gift??? so much. It???s not a television or a handbag. It???s a symbol of marriage that didn???t happen. … Let???s have something good come out of this. Why hold onto it? What???s the point?

Matt wants to auction off the ring, valued at $65,000, and give the proceeds to charity. This, of course, will never happen, because then the spotlight would no longer be on Shayne, and we can’t have that, can we?

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Indeed, not a single celebrity died during yesterday???s 5.8 earthquake in Los Angeles. But that???s not the only (yes we???re morbid) bad news: Mother Nature didn???t hamper a single reality television show filming in the area. The jerkoffs on Big Brother, who aren???t allowed any communication with the outside world, were told by producers that the reason the soundstage was shaking was not because Kirstie Alley had a new show filming next door, but because tectonic plates were moving about beneath them.

But there is one minuscule bit of good news.


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The American Way

The tool you see at left is named Jessie Godderz, one of the current houseguests on the reality competition Big Brother. CBS describes the 22-year-old body builder as “the all-American boy next door who graduated from high school in Iowa.” Sure, except he’s a massive tool who’s caught the attention of The Soup because he is more in love with himself than should be allowed (you can watch that here). But the really endearing thing about Jessie is that the overachiever has already appeared on not one but two MTV dating shows, Exposed and Next. Good to know CBS is now in the business of picking up MTV’s leftovers.

Click through for video of his appearances on both shows and prepare to fall in love with the obnoxious d-bag that is Jessie Godderz. (Spoiler alert: He takes his shirt off and flexes his muscles in both clips.)


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But Joel McHale Still Wins

Over the weekend, Keith Olbermann did not name Brooke Hogan one of his worst persons in the world, but he did pop up on E!???s The Soup to guest host a segment and give Joel McHale a breather.


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'Us Weekly' Doesn't Know When To Stop Asking For Comments

The Hogans have this weird disorder where they cry for sympathy and privacy and yet constantly seek out the media to further embarrass themselves. Denise Richards suffers from the same affliction, as do half the famewhores in Hollywood. Nothing newsworthy has been happening in the family lately ??? Nick’s still in jail, Brooke’s still parading her stupidity on television, Hulk and Linda are still divorcing ??? but the patriarch just has to talk to Us Weekly, this time about his estranged wife:

Without a doubt, this one is the most formidable opponent I???ve ever run into. You talk about dirty tricks: Brass knuckles, steel knuckles, cheap shots, tripping people up. I???ve never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does! I guess I taught her well.

Well, that most certainly wasn’t a waste of time. Thanks, Hulk.


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'Fun Little Cute Show'? Really?

Rarely am I unable to sit through a reality television show, but Denise Richards: It’s Complicated excelled at being both obnoxious and incredibly boring. I gave up midway through the season but tuned in for last night’s finale thanks to E!’s promos featuring some big “controversy” that plagued Denise. So here’s what happened: While on her press tour promoting the reality show, every interviewer had the nerve to ask about her personal life and decision to parade her children in front of the cameras. Um, Denise? What did you expect them to talk about? Your show is all about your personal life. And don’t get us started on how she brings all of this negative press upon herself while hypocritically complaining about how she just wants to be left alone.

Praise Xenu this nonsense is over. (It is over, right? Please tell me there’s not a second season in the works.)

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THE EMMYS JUST LOST ALL STREET CRED “The five nominees for top reality show host are not just up for Emmy awards ??? they’re also going to oversee the entire ceremony! American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, Project Runway’s Heidi Klum, Dancing with the StarsTom Bergeron, Deal or No Deal’s Howie Mandel and Survivor’s Jeff Probst have all signed on to co-host the Sept. 21 awards show.”

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SHOCKING!The Bachelor: London Calling’s Matt Grant has split from fianc??e Shayne Dahl Lamas. ‘We tried hard to make it work but we realized that we were both heading in different directions,’ they said in a statement Thursday. ‘We truly care about each other and will remain close friends.’”

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